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My name is Daniel (a.k.a Travellor or Daniel "Travellor"), and I welcome you to my website. This page is about places, about photography, about traveling, about memories. I always enjoy traveling and that's the reason why I started this project.

It all started on 2016, on the 3rd of July, when I did my first trip on a small village. Back then, it was known as Travel To Photograph. TTP had a short life, however, surviving for approximately one month and a half. During that period, I managed to have enough pictures to change it to something new. This is when Travellor appeared.

Travellor was finally founded on the 27th of August 2016, and it was an improved version of Travel To Photograph. Just like TTP, it kept the same style, including photographs, together with various details about a particular place. Many more details we're added later, however.

Although the website included places only from Romania, this concept changed after I did my first journey outside the country, that being on Hungary. Two months after that trip I decided to re-design the website to the way you see it nowadays. In the next months many more places we're included. During this time I did my second trip outside the country, by visiting Belgium, and it's capital Brussels. This was the beginning of another change for this website.

In the past, besides the pictures, I included a lot of text, but nowadays it isn't like that anymore. By this time, you will only see the pictures from the trips I made, together with only a few details about that place. Even at this point, the website is in a constant update and everything will be added slowly... but surely. This website shouldn't be taken as a definitive guide for a particular place as it only serve as a "photo-sharing place". Although, there may be a lot of things to be seen on a particular place, I can't include all of them. There are various reasons, including time constraints or the fact that I don't know a lot of things about a particular place and believe me, I visited a lot of places that I didn't knew nothing about them.

But I guess that's a part of the exploration thing. I built Travellor because I wanted to try something new. And I can say by now, that it was the best thing I did in my life. However, I didn't expected that I will be able to keep it alive until this point, but I am glad I managed to do that. There are a lot of places that awaits to be explored, stories that are probably unknown to you and the only way to discover them it's to get out from your comfort zone and go into the world.


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Daniel B.

From: 27 August 2016 - present

He is the man behind Travellor Project and the sole member of it. He is the one that maintains all the aspects of this project, from visiting places to the maintenance of the website. Everything related to Travellor lies on his hands.


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If you know any other sources that you think are important and are related to the places presented on this website, feel free to let me know.

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