This project was created from a desire to travel and to discover various places, but it was also created to document those places, so in that way future generations will be able to see how a particular place (or a monument, or a church, or a building) was in the past and how much it changed since the moment when I realized those pictures. I tried to present you places that you've probably never heard before, places that are least known to the public.

I didn't earn almost anything from this project, but I kept doing it because it was fun and is also one of the first projects that I managed to keep it alive until this point. However, the costs of this expeditions we're solely supported by me and sometimes they we're higher, sometimes they we're lower but I never asked for money to realize these trips.

But, in order to keep this website alive for the future, I must ask for a small donation from those that visits this page. This project went from a dozen of pictures to thousands of pictures. Maintaining all these pictures requires a lot of and if we count the expeditions that I have to realize it takes even more time to complete what I have in mind. Also, I have to select the pictures that will be included here and to edit all of them. The editing process is one of the most laborious and that's the one that takes a lot of them to complete.

I don't want to include advertisements anymore on this page, just because it lowers the experience of those that visit this website. But in order to keep this project alive and free for many generations from now on I need you to help me maintaining this project. Even the smallest amount counts, even that 1$ may help now or in the future. It's not a necessity, but after all I think it's more important for me to show you these places, rather than closing this project and trowing it to recycle bin. Also, these donations will help me to improve this page, to add more features and hopefully I will manage in the future to extend this website to an even greater degree. But most important, it will help me realize many more expeditions in the future.

For those who want to donate, clicking on the button bellow will lead you to the Donation page. Please remember that any amount counts. Thanks!