Arad, Arad County

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Status: City
Part of: Arad City
First documentary attestation: 1070-1080

* 2011 - 159074 inhabitants
Closest city: Timişoara (56km)
Closest town: Pecica (22km)

Quarters: Aradul Nou, Gai, Grădişte, Micălaca, Sânnicolau Mic, Alfa and many more.
Train station: Yes



[1] Historic Monument - The Lutheran Church, also known as the Red Church, built in 1906.

[2] Historic Monument - The Administrative Palace, the place where the City-Hall it's situated, dated between 1874-1876.

[3] Historic Monuments - On the left side of the picture, in a green-like color, it's the National Bank Palace, dated between 1905-1906

- On the right side, in white color, it's the Cenad Palace, dated from the end of the 19th century.

[4] Historic Monument - The Roman-Catholic Church "Saint Anton of Padova", dated between 1902-1904.


General view of Arad City.

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October 9, 2016