Șiria, Arad County

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Status: Commune
Part of: Șiria Commune
First documentary attestation: 1169

* 2011 - 5040 inhabitants
Closest city: Arad (28km)
Closest town: Pâncota (9km)

Train station: Yes



[1] Historic Monument - The statue of Antonia Bohuș, dated from 1910.
[2] Historic Monument - Șiria Fortress, dated from 13th to 18th centuries.
[3] Historic Monument - Bohuș Castle, today the Memorial Museum "Ioan Slavici" and "Emil Monția"
[4] Historic Monument - The Orthodox Church, dated from 1700-1750, the tower from 1769.


Map of Șiria

The interactive map can be found here

January 30, 2018

N.B. - Only the village is presented here. The fortress will be visited on another expedition.